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I thought I’d do some good Dark Souls fanart for a change, but I guess I still haven’t found my sun

Go Beyond Death.

1000 followers what the heck. Thank you

poprockbbq said: Are there any major differences for the PC version?

The only major differences will be enhanced performance and increased graphical quality, as well as eventual mods and such from the fanbase. That alone is enough for me to play it on PC too.

Here is an article which shows Durante’s review and comments on the PC version off dark souls 2, so you can know what I mean. [He is the one who worked on the life-saving mod and bug fixes for DkS1 PC.]

5 days to DkS2 on PC. Now I have it for both that and PS3.


by 樹脂ヤモリ

Finished my Velstadt build and am now invading in the crypt to kill all the baddies tryna’ get to Vendrick. Boy do I suck at pvp but its fun smashing folks with this bell hammer.


Dying to mobs right outside the boss room more often than I die to the actual boss is one of my best attributes.