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13/31 Smelter Demon

More bosses of Dark Souls II! Gehehehee… The Smelter Demon. I inked this, but then decided that he needed to be properly colored.
Hence my deviantART gallery has the full color version of this illustration.
And you can get products over here on my Redbubble store!

My other Dark Souls II works | My Dark Souls comic







Bloodborne’s ‘malformed beast’ or ‘cleric beast’ whichever it is called.

It’s Cleric Beast you absolute scrub

Aye, it is Cleric Beast. Japanese site used ‘malformed beast,’ so at the time I posted I figured best to include both titles. :> Looks like Manus’s cousin tho.


Hellkite wyvern.  I really like old RPGs on the SNES, but I don’t think I’ll ever make one by myself.  Upscaled by 2x if for whatever reason you want it at the original size.


Yorgh´s Mistake

A city fell, a dragon woke up, and a soldier died with no answers.


Just little Ornstein things.


Huh, noticed this in my drafts. Might as well post it. Photo I took shortly before the release of Dark Souls II, at an event in London I was invited to. 

That’s the Phoenix Parma (shield) me and natu designed, which is currently hanging on the wall in my house, and available in Dark Souls II for those of you brave/dumb enough to jump into lava and pick it up!

(That dude wearing the armour was huge. You should see how big that shield is when I hold it. Granted, I am pretty tiny.)

I want to meet that guy in the armor real bad.


Dark souls pchat


Quick BloodBorne Sketch.

Drawn during the stream.


Sweet Shalquior acts pretty adorable whenever you see her.  Maybe I’ll do something like a dragon next time.  It’ll probably use up more of my free time.


Following Miyazaki’s twitter was not a mistake.

if only that was actually miyazaki and not a parody account though.


The Cleric Beast

Bloodborne’s ‘malformed beast’ or ‘cleric beast’ whichever it is called.


Giantdad eulogies:

So shall He Well What Is It in the next life, as he did this one.

Goodnight, sweet prince, and flights of drakes git you to thy gud

We will keep the Bass Cannon, in remembrance of you.

May the Valkyries take the Legend to Dubhalla, where he will feast upon doritos and MtnDew at the table of MLG, ever-preparing for RagnaDub. For he never, truly dies.

O Patriarch! My Patriarch! Get up, and git the gud. Get up—for you the flag is flung—for you the Cannon Dubs; For you green blossoms and Crest’d Shield—for you Oolacile a-crowding; For you they call, the invaded mass, their Tryhard faces turning;

   Here captain! Dear father!

      This Zwei beneath your head;

         It is some dream that in the Mask,

            You’ve fallen cold and dead.

May Gud be Gitted, so the world might be un-casul… So the world might be un-casul.

… This got ridiculous. I’m sorry.

(no I’m not)