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If you’re looking for context, you’re not going to find it

My Velstadt build fit very well for this part of the DLC.


Holy shit the fucking dark souls fandom is trash. yes let’s reuse the same fucking joke a million times and shit on other vidya game fandoms because they’re ‘casuals’.

Does’t that basically describe 99% of other video game fanbases though? Recycled jokes and militant fans? This isn’t an attack btw, i’m just saying.


If you haven’t finished the DLC yet and want to remain unspoiled, add “ds2crown” to your tumblr savior.

I’ll also start posting some pics under the same tag so feel free to add that to yer blacklist.


It just keeps happening 

I am jealous of Pate…

Damn, I really wanna gush about sunken king stuff, but i know a lot of people would be spoiled and i dont want to upset anyone. ;_; i wonder how long i gotta wait until i can post about it????

[Spoiler photos below]

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Artist: ned rogers

Artist: byNEET


I feel so bad for this big harmless goof. 

He’s waiting for his sister to wake up and if you loot her corpse he gets upset and attacks. You don’t really have to kill him but its really hard to get over the lava if you don’t.

This game makes me feel so evil, all the bosses are so sad and I just want us all to get along T-T